Frequently Questions

Why Vietnam offshore?

Nowaday, because of globalization, IT companies compete with each other in the cost of software development. Vietnam doesn’t have a long history of software development in comparison with China or India. However, with these following reasons, we believe that Vietnam totally deserves to be the potential software development center. In Vietnam, the population in the age of 20 ranks first. Therefore, for long term, Vietnam can ensure human resource for IT industry. To be compared with Japan, the cost is cheaper in Vietnam (approximate 10 ~ 20%). Especially, the unit price in software development in Vietnam is ¼ of that of Japan. Vietnamese and Japanese share the similar way of thinking, be always hard-working and willing to learn new things in work. The infrastructure in Vietnam is improved better and better. In Asean, Vietnam is considered as a potential developing country.

Is Vietnam one of the safest countries in the world?

We can say that Vietnam is one of the safest countries in the world with no natural disasters, earthquake, war, etc. We believe that Vietnam is a safe data center and has advantages for software development.

In the present, Japan IT companies face with the problems:

• The unit price is high.

• Hard to recruit IT developers.

Do your company face these above problems?

If you choose software development service of Hachinet, we have confidence in that your company will not only solve these problems, but also gain benefits:

• Reduce the unit price down to 25%.

• Easy to hire good developers.

• Improve software quality and enhance the value of the product by applying new technology.

What are the outstanding strengths of Hachinet?

• Hachient developrs are young, active, willing to learn and hard-working.
• The unit price is cheap but the quality is ensured.
• Hachinet developers can communicate in Japanese.

What is unexpected benefits with Vietnam offshore?

Hachinet has high level developers who have years of experience in working with Japanese clients. In Hachinet, we use Agile-scrum process which is effective in developing offshore projects. Thank for that, Hachinet developers can response quickly with requirement changes from clients. To keep clients’ truth, Hachinet attachs special importance to information security. We are confident to be prestigious software development center and bring the clients sastify.