Mobile App Classification | Mobile App Development Services


Mobile App Classification | Mobile App Development Services

1. What is a mobile application?

A mobile application is a type of application designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications are small software units with limited functionality, still, they can provide users with high-quality services and performances.

To use the app, you can download through an application that provides a mobile app, such as the Apple Store or CHPlay.


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2. Classification of mobile applications

With the recent explosive development of smartphones and tablets, mobile application development has become a massive trend. Among the various types of mobile app development, the followings are the most commonly used.

  • Native app
  • Web app
  • Hybrid app
  • Progressive Web App

2.1. Native app

A Native app is a software program developed for a particular platform or device.

Native apps are developed for specific devices and their operating system (OS). You can also use the existing hardware and software of the terminal. Native apps offer optimized performance and integrate with the latest technologies such as GPS compared to web and mobile cloud apps co-developed across multiple systems.

Besides, the native app is a type of application that requires you to download the application to the terminal when using it and log in. This is an application installed on your smartphone. Facebook is a point of view.

2.2. Web app

A web app is a website designed with an interface similar to a native app. These apps are typically written in HTML, CSS, and JS and run on the browser on your mobile device.

In addition, web apps are designed to run on multiple mobile operating systems. As a result, web apps run slower than native apps. Plus, it reduces development and needs maintenance costs, improvements, and etc.

A web application is an application that the user does not need to download and instead accesses through a web browser over the network. Sample web browsers include Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

The web app provides features such as access to a bank account, etc.

2.3. Hybrid Mobile App

A hybrid app is a combination of a native application and a web application. The structure of a hybrid application is similar to a web application, but it is installed as a native app. The hybrid app can access the device. That is, you can use resources such as cameras, storage, and GPS. For example, Instagram is a typical hybrid app.

Hybrid apps are developed in HTML and CSS. Hybrid apps typically run web applications via containers or WebViews (browsers that can be included within mobile applications).

Hybrid apps differ from native apps in many ways. Hybrid apps are based on web apps and contain the same navigation elements as web apps. Also, the hybrid app does not have an offline mode. It only works if you are connected to the Internet.

2.4. Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App is a type of web app developed based on website skills, but it provides the same experience as a native mobile app.

With this app, you can easily access it with the icon on the terminal screen, and even if the application is closed, you can restart the app without restarting the app by operating the screen and screen switch. It also has even more useful functions.


  • The download speed is faster than the website.
  • Limited browser support.
  • It can also be operated offline.
  • It is highly reliable.


3. Hachinet's mobile application development service

Hachinet's mobile application development service uses the experience and technology gained by application developers to develop applications professionally on smartphones, iPads, etc.

We provide a series of application development such as application planning/idea-design/ development-operation/market application/maintenance/management. Whether it's a consumer application or an enterprise-grade solution.

Our team guarantees our customers throughout the mobile app development process, from planning to maintenance.

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We specialize in IT offshore development.

  • Web application (.NET, JAVA, PHP, etc.)
  • Mobile applications: IOS (Swift, Object C), Android (Kotlin, Android)
  • System construction (Cobol, ERP, etc.)
  • DX solution
  • New technology (Blockchain, etc.)

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At Hachinet, we always value software quality and customer satisfaction. For customers who use our services, we take responsibility as well as quality. We guarantee that the delivery period will be met by accurately performing various processes from the planning stage to maintenance.


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